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Newburyport Web Design Process

It’s always exciting to get a new website for your business, and it's easier than ever to get a fantastic new site.

It takes Newburyport Web Designers less than two weeks to prepare your site. This is how the process typically goes:

1. Choosing a Domain Name
If your first-choice domain name isn't available, we'll prepare a list of possible alternatives. We'll even complete a transfer for you if a different website provider reserved your desired domain name.

2. Designing a Logo
If you don't already have one, we'd love to design your logo for you. 

3. Arranging a Photoshoot
If you need it, we can arrange a professional photoshoot for you.

4. Designing a prototype
Newburyport never uses pre-existing templates, so every website is unique. If there are any websites you like, we can use them as inspiration for your design. We'll send you a prototype design of your website and then make any changes you want. We'll keep editing and re-designing until you're delighted.
5. Conversion to HTML
Once the design has been finalized, we'll convert your site to HTML and finish the remaining pages. During this process, you can review each page, and we'll make any changes you want.
6. Launching your Site
After you're satisfied with your site, it'll be time for us to activate it. You'll then be an official website owner!
7. Payment
Newburyport only accepts payment after successful activation of your site, so you can be sure that working with us is a risk-free process.

We'll provide you with an invoice only after you confirm you're delighted with your site.
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